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Our staff has many years of experience in trading with domains, stock trading, portfolio management and investing in various asset classes.


We have great knowledge of the domain market. Market monitoring is one of our daily tasks so we are always up to date and fully informed. 


As we have been active privately for many years we built connections with first class buyers, sellers, and end users all over the world.


At DN Invest we are very passionate about domain names and committed to success. Investing that will produce profit is our top priority. 

DN Invest - Domain investing company


DN Invest Ltd is a company with the headquarters in London UK, but we operate globally.

Our main focus is on investing in domain names while we also do business in some other areas. We act on global market and therefore have many associates all over the world. 

Our staff is well trained and has many years of experience in domain trading with great success. 

China and the US are our top markets and therefore many of our associates are based in those countries, but we cover all continents and have associates in many other countries. 

DN Invest could help you with your domain name purchase or sale. We also advise our clients when it comes to domain name selection for their business or personal use.

Daily monitoring of global domain market is essential for serious domain trading, thus this is one of our priorities. Our investment decisions are based on many factors, including developments in other industries.

We are always interested in acquiring quality domains and portfolios.


Our main assets are domain names. We invest in domain names mostly with the intention to resell them for profit, but in some cases DN Invest acquires domains to use them. Domains could be very valuable assets although they are considered as alternative asset classes. Investing in domains is not yet as popular as investing in stocks or bonds, but good domain name can yield profit and many times has real intrinsic value. There are some types of domains that are traded as a commodity and have public floor value which varies just like stocks. Our investment decisions are made based on wide knowledge about this industry and deep understanding of the industry. 


We offer premium domain brokerage service. No matter if you are a startup, established company, or individual, you need a domain name for your online presence. As DN Invest trade with domains and we are often in the role of a seller we are aware of domain pricing, especially when the seller realizes he deals with a potential end user. If you want to get a better price as a buyer, you need a professional and experienced broker.

If you have a premium domain name that you want to sell, DN Invest is here for you in that case too. Our staff has been active on the domain market for years and developed skills needed for successful sale of a domain at the best possible price. We also have great connections with first class buyers that we can use for the sale of your domain. Negotiation during the sale process is often cruicial and can lead to a hundred percent price variation. Therefore let the professionals at DN Invest sell your domain for you.


Domain names are more important and more powerful than many think they are. DN Invest can help you understand fundamentals of domain names. It is completely wrong to consider domain just as a home for your website. Domain is marketing campaign, perception builder, trust factor, competition killer, business advantage or disadvantage, SEO factor and much more. DN Invest can help you understand which domain will perfectly fit to your business. It is not just about the name. 

We do domain valuation too, on very professional way. It is hard to believe that proper domain valuation could not be done in less than 60 minutes. While most manual domain appraisers only check exact match, CPC and similar sales our approach is much more detailed and professional.

Our company is based on domain names and we are very passionate about them. Therefore professional domain consultancy is part of our business. 


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