We are a young company, but we are not new investors. During our careers we built a large network of buyers, sellers, investors, marketers, end users, developers, and many others. Our connections help us to make great deals on regular basis. When we decide to sell a gaming related domain, we already know who might be interested in purchasing it. If we want to purchase NNN.coms, we already know who holds many of them as commodity with the intention to sell them instead of using them, so we may get a good deal as the seller will know that we are not the end users, so the price will be better for us.

As we are connected to many people from various industries, we can get valuable information related to a specific industry when we need it. Sometimes it is hard to get in contact with the decision maker of some big corporation, but when you have good connections, everything is much easier. 

Each of our staff brought his own connections to DN Invest. We all sold many domains in the past, so we have a large base of first class buyers and end users. It is not rare that an end user purchases multiple domains, so based on good relationships from the past we are able to make a lot of future deals.

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