We at DN Invest are domain professionals and one of our services is domain consultancy. We can help you solve various domain issues such as:

  • which domain to purchase
  • how much to pay for a domain
  • which domain suits your business best
  • how a domain name can help your business
  • suggestion of domain name for your business based on the current competition state
  • analysis of domain names used by your competition
  • how much you can save with the right domain name
  • how much to ask for your domain name when selling
  • domain name evaluation
  • handling domain name (domain push, domain transfer, redirecting, nameservers etc.)
  • domain whois (current and previous owner(s) of the domain name, etc.)
  • potential domain buyer/seller investigation
  • how to be safe during the domain sale transaction (buying and selling)
  • impact of premium domain names
  • domain fundamentals
  • domain SEO
  • exact match domains
  • new gTLDs
  • domain parking
  • domain market trends
  • domain market value, domain fair value, domain intrinsic value
  • domain theft protection
  • domains and trademarks
  • domain trading
  • much more...

Domain names are not just a few characters on the left of the dot and another few characters on the right of the dot. Nor are they just the home of your website. Domain names are much more than the average business owner could imagine. A good domain name will highlight your business among competition.

If you are thinking about acquiring a new domain name and are not sure which one to choose, DN Invest can help you through our domain consultancy service. You might already have decided which domain you want, but are not sure how much you should offer for it. In this case we highly recommend our Premium domain brokerage service combined with our domain consultancy service. There is not only domain value. Each domain has one value when you are buying, another value when you are selling, and another value when you valuate a domain for your business. We can determine the value of your domain to your business, the market value of the same domain, and its fair value. All three values will be different, but you will know in advance how much you should expect to pay for that specific domain. If you are selling and hire us as your brokers, we will do quality domain valuation oriented to each specific potential buyer and their business free of charge and present it to them to achieve better sale price. 

We noticed that many people value domains in completely the wrong way. That might be because of lack of experience, understanding of domains, market knowledge, or professionalism in their business. You can calculate the fair value of your domain, but you should not use it in all situations. If you are selling, it is good to know the fair value of your domain so that you know how much you should ask for it if you don’t know who is your buyer (when you receive an offer from untraceable source). We can calculate the fair value of any domain. But when you know who your buyer is, you should check if the domain value for their business is higher than its fair value. If yes, ask more than the fair value. If not, insist on its fair value and explain it to the buyer if necessary. Therefore you need professionals who will make a difference between amateur selling and professional closing of deals. In this industry sellers often leave money on the table, because they are not educated enough about all factors that make a domain name valuable and don’t know how to investigate their buyer properly. 
Let’s imagine one situation. You own and its fair value is $20,000USD. You have two buyers and both are targeting the "Some Domain" keyword phrase (which you will find out only if you know how to investigate your potential buyer). One of them is a student, the other is a small company with 100+ employees. The student offered $100USD, the company offered $15,000USD. Many sellers will not even respond to the offer from the student as he will be marked as low value to them, and will try to bring the second buyer to $20,000USD. We at DN Invest know all the tricks in this business and don’t want to write off any potential buyer because of low initial offer. A smart buyer will try to get the domain as cheaply as possible. If you don’t respond to the low offer, he can easily contact you again with a better offer, or search for another domain - you can’t predict what he will do. So he has an advantage because he can contact you again, but if you don’t respond to his low initial offer, he might offer $100USD to someone else for some other domain and after the other seller responds they might make a deal of $20,000USD after some negotiations. Many domainers and domain owners don’t respond to low offers and they are terribly wrong. What if that student pays $1,500USD per month for an AdWords campaign based on the "Some Domain" keyword phrase? You should know how to use AdWords Keyword planner, especially the Ad Preview and Diagnosis feature. It is very likely that you will find "your student” there. You will not see his AdWords budget, but it could be approximately calculated by observation and comparison. Now you know he is spending $1,500USD per month on an AdWords campaign mainly targeting the "Some Domain" keyword phrase. Does this mean that this is the time to raise your asking price from $20,000USD to $36,000 (24 months of AdWords budget)? No, because he most likely doesn’t spend all his AdWords budget only on this specific keyword phrase. Should you calculate the current CPC value for that specific keyword phrase x 24 months (or 12 months if you prefer more conservative calculation) x 0.32 x the exact monthly search of that keyword phrase? No, you did that together with other valuation factors when you were calculating the fair value of your domain. Now you are calculating the asking price of your domain for your specific potential buyer. Don’t you know why 0.32 in the previous formula? Then you don’t have sufficiently broad knowledge of domain names. Or do you even know what is the exact monthly search? If not, you don’t have even basic knowledge of domain names. 32% is the commonly accepted percentage of the exact monthly search that goes as clicks to the first position in SERP each month. That’s why 0.32 in the previous formula. You must also understand SEO and be able to use it in practice, not just theory and info that Google released. Then you will know the importance of backlinks and understand DA and PA. Then you will be able to investigate the competitive strength of your student. You should also know the price that freelancers charge for quality content creating and quality backlinks building. Then you should be able to correctly estimate how much quality content and how many quality backlinks your student will need to reach the first position in SERP, having in mind the SEO strength of his competition. Once you have the estimation, calculate the cost of delivering the necessary content and backlinks. Deduct the number you get from your asking price. Now you have begun a serious domain evaluation, but we will not publish other important factors. We will just say that you should also check how easily your domain is replaceable with some similar domain in a price range below your price. If you find many domains that could be a good replacement for your domain, then it is likely to influence your asking price. If you find only a few domains that could replace your domain, you should create false demand for them without breaking moral rules. For example, you can contact the owner and ask for the price. You must not offer any amount, as it might create a binding contract and is not moral if you don’t plan to buy that domain. But if you ask for the price, you will know how much that domain owner expects for his domain, and more importantly, if your student contacts him about the same domain (as a possible replacement for your domain) days later, the price will most likely go up as the owner will think that demand suddenly rose and he is holding a real gem.
Back to the second potential buyer - the company. You should do the same as you did with your first potential buyer. There are many other important checks and actions you should do in both cases. This is just a small preview of what you can expect from our domain consultancy service in a similar situation. In the described situation you will be sure that you are not leaving money on the table. If you don’t know who your buyer is, you should be able to properly calculate the fair value of your domain and insist on it. If a potential buyer could be identified as a buyer with a solid budget but is experienced in domain acquisitions, he will most likely contact you from an untraceable source, for example from a newly opened Gmail address with a false or without a signature.

Domain valuation is a very complex process if done professionally and accurately. Each domain has different valuations for different situations. Only fair value is the same all the time, but it is not correct to use it in two different situations. So fair domain value should be treated like nominal stock price. Market value is a different category from fair value and unlike stock market price the market value of a domain should be used only when it is higher than the fair value and only if it is at the same time higher than value for a specific potential buyer. Fair domain value, fundamental domain value, and intrinsic domain value are very similar terms, but those values are often different. Market value and potential buyer value are the same to many, but for us at DN Invest those values are completely different in many cases. We mentioned only a small number of factors that we use to determine the domain value. We don’t do free domain valuation, but we do it very professionally and are confident to say that our domain appraisals are of the best and most accurate in the industry. 

We provide valuable information on acquiring domains too. Our domain consultancy service can help you with any domain situation. We can help you better understand domains, their value, and their impact on business. Before you choose a domain for your business choose domain consultancy with us to make sure you will use the best possible domain in your situation. 

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