DN Invest Ltd. is a young company, but with very experienced staff in the field of domain trading, investments in various asset classes, and portfolio management. Each of our staff members has many years of personal experience in domain trading, some even from the late 90s. As investing in domains is our main business, it was very important to us to form a team of proven domain investors and experts. Together in our careers we have done thousands of transactions with domains. Domain names are our main focus, but before DN Invest was incorporated we were active investors in various asset classes alongside domains, including stocks, bonds, gold, and real estate. Portfolio management is not unknown to us as some of us were responsible for managing large portfolios in the companies they worked for at that time.

As we have been privately active for a long time, we have collected priceless experience during all the years, so it is our big advantage now in DN Invest. We adopted many skills needed for wise investing by taking minimal risk.

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  • DN Invest Ltd
  • Company number: 10016207

  • 27 Old Gloucester Street
  • WC1N 3AX London
  • United Kingdom

  • E-mail: info@dninvest.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)7436 612915