As our main business is domain trading, one of our top priorities is to be up to date with the current domain market. We daily receive many reports about market movements and trends. We are aware of almost every reported domain sale each day. It enables us to react quickly if we notice the need for quick reaction. 

We understand domain names and their usage. We also have knowledge about SEO. This is very important, as some domains might be completely or partly useless if they don’t have SEO value. An example would be so called “long tail” domains. There are domains with four or more words and more than 20 characters that are not attractive. Imagine how hard it would be to have an e-mail address on it if you wanted your full name in your e-mail address. For instance, It would be a challenge to print it on your business card. This was just one example of why long domains are not an ideal choice in some cases. However, if “Tree Removal Service New York” was a searched phrase on Google, then you should reconsider taking, as you may benefit from Google search. This exact phrase has very low exact search, but if it was 500, 5,000, or even 50,000, then it would be a good choice for your website address as with good onsite and offsite SEO you would be able to get many visitors directly interested for your services. We can confirm that EMD (Exact Match Domains) still get advantage on SERP and it is a fact based on case studies we have done. Those were some of the reasons why SEO knowledge is important for trading domains too.

In this business it is also very important to have knowledge of different markets. Let’s take the Chinese market as an example. might look less valuable than Well, you need to have much deeper knowledge to determine the domain value. is considered a premium Chinese domain, while is considered a premium Western domain. At this moment (it fluctuates) premium Chinese domains are about 3 times more valuable than premium Western domains in the category. The current (minimal) floor value of any premium Chinese domain is currently around $60,000 USD, while the (minimal) floor value of any premium Western domain is currently around $20,000 USD. These values are current and may be changed. So it looks like is more valuable than It’s not that simple. Premium Chinese and premium Western floor value is just one of many parameters to determine a domain value. Peg might be a first name, so that makes more valuable than what the current floor value for this type of domain suggests. Moreover, PEG could be an abbreviation, and could have many other meanings. Abbreviations should be checked, and then you should check companies that use those abbreviations in their business. Than you should check their current domains, then you should check reported sales of similar domains, just as reported sales of names that could be connected with those abbreviations. We have the knowledge required to make all these checks. Regarding you should do all the mentioned for this domain too, but you also need to have knowledge of the Chinese culture and Pinyin. You must be able to use Baidu and several other Chinese websites and web tools to get the best results. Of course, you should also speak Mandarin. We at DN Invest have the knowledge needed for all this and our staff can help with Pinyin and the Mandarin language. Knowing all this mentioned it is clear that appropriate domain valuation could be done only by professionals who posses appropriate knowledge. We at DN Invest do, so our investments are based on deep knowledge and understanding.

Some domain types are traded as commodity, and some will become commodity soon. Based on our research and prediction there are also some domain types which will not be considered as commodity soon. For serious domain trading specific knowledge about commodity trading is needed too, especially when you deal with commodity type domains.

As we have been privately active on the domain market since the late 90s, we have seen everything and gained huge experience.  

Our staff’s experience in stock trading, portfolio management and investing in various asset classes enables us to be fully competent for all kinds of investment. We have extraordinary knowledge of domain names and domain trading, but we are not limited by that knowledge.
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