DN Invest could help you sell or acquire a domain name or portfolio. We take under our Premium domain brokerage only premium or "liquid" domains if you are selling, and can help you with buying any domain. We do broker portfolios as well. 

Our experience and connections are a guarantee that we will make the best possible deal for you. Our staff is very experienced and over the years of their private trading has made many domain sales and purchases. It is common that some domain investors hold a large number of domain names and you might want something that they hold. As our staff members are known as individual domain investors and resellers, we can reach out to a domain owner and get a reseller price when buying for you. It is very likely that some of our staff members have made transactions with a large domain holder, and if you want his domain name, our broker will be recognized by him as domain reseller, thus will get a better price.

We also have contacts with first class domain buyers and end users who are always interested in good domains from their niche. Therefore we may be able to offer your domain directly to them if we evaluate it and it fits their needs.

Negotiations in domain transactions are crucial and can raise or lower the price even several times. So it is best if you leave that to professionals who do that every day. Our Premium domain brokerage service is your best choice for buying and selling domain names. 

We use for most of our brokerage transactions, so our clients don’t have to send any payment to us and are paid directly from
Premium domain brokerage - sell


We can sell your premium domain name or your "liquid type" domain. We don’t accept domains that are not premium or "liquid" under our Premium domain brokerage service. We accept premium portfolios.

Premium domain brokerage - buy


We can buy any domain name for you. No matter which type of domain you want, and no matter if it was a premium domain or not, we can buy it for you.


  • 9% for deals of $100000+ USD
  • $50 USD minimum
  • $0 USD if no success


  • Our % fee on the difference only
  • $50 USD minimum
  • $0 USD if no success



  • 6% for deals of $100000 USD+
  • $50 minimum
  • $0 USD if no success


If you have a premium domain and want to sell it, DN Invest is here to help you through our Premium domain brokerage service. We accept premium domains such as commercial one word names with .com or other popular extensions if the name is really good, “category killer” two-word domains (such as,,, etc.), short and “liquid” domains (such as,, etc.), or any other valuable domain names. We accept portfolios as long as they meet our quality standards. 

As we sold thousands of domains during our private careers, we have great connections with first class domain buyers and end users. It is not rare that an end user wants to protect his business (or get stronger online presence) by owning as many quality domains from his niche as possible. We have contacts with many quality end users, so we can reach to them if you come to us with a domain which we evaluate as a great addition to their business. However, even if we did not have a suitable end user or domain buyer for your domain in our current base we will be able to find one. Our skills and techniques of searching for potential end users and buyers are very sophisticated and developed to the maximum. Our negotiation skills are also at a very high level, so we will be able to get the best price for your domain.

Our brokers speak several languages and we have associates all around the world, so we can operate globally and sell your domain in any part of the world. 

It is very important to know that our brokers are active! We will not submit your domain to some domain marketplace and wait for buyers to come to us. That can be done by anyone, so we have a different business model. If we accept to find a buyer for your domain, we will be doing that actively. If we don’t find a suitable buyer in our current base, we will search for one using our skills and techniques.

We will not arrange a sale of any domain under the price you state as your floor price.  


We have the sales commission set to only 11% with Non-Exclusive Domain Brokerage Agreement, which makes us one of the most affordable brokers in the industry. If a deal is worth $100,000 USD or more, our commission is only 9%. 

Our commission with Exclusive Domain Brokerage Agreement is only 8%. If a deal is worth $100,000 USD or more, our commission is only 6%.

Commission percentage is set based on the minimum sale price acceptable to the seller. If the minimum sale price is set to $80,000 USD and we sell the domain for $110,000 USD, our commission will be the one set for deals under $100,000 USD.

There is no commission nor fee in case of no success and we don’t charge anything for accepting your domain under the Premium domain brokerage.


If you need a domain or just want to purchase some domain as an investment for the best possible price, we can help. We are known domain buyers and resellers and in many cases we already have deals with the seller. This helps us to get a better price when buying as we will not be characterized as the end users, which could raise the price even several times. Our brokers start negotiations as individuals who are already known as resellers. Some domain owners are also domain investors and hold a high number of domains. Therefore there is a good chance that you might pick a domain that is owned by some of them. In that case it is very likely that we already have deals and a business relationship with the seller. This enables us to negotiate a better price. 

If we never had previous contact with the seller, we will use our skills to negotiate the best possible purchase price. It is usual that the seller checks everything available about the potential buyer. If the buyer is recognized as a potential end user or if there is not much info about him, the price will be high in most cases. As our brokers use profiles that can be traced to their reselling activity, the seller will characterize us as resellers and we will get a better (reseller or “wholesale”) price.


Our commission when buying for you is 30% of the difference between your maximum budget for a specific domain and the arranged price. This is the fairest arrangement and with this business model you can be sure that we will try to negotiate the lowest possible price as it is in our interest to make a bigger difference between your maximum budget and the final price to get higher commission. 

Minimum commission is $50 USD. We don’t charge anything upfront, so if there’s no deal, you will not pay anything.

Example 1: You want and you are willing to pay $5,000 USD max. We arrange a deal for $3,500 USD, so the difference between your maximum budget and the arranged price is $1,500 USD. Our commission is 30% of that difference which = $450 and your total cost would be $3,450 USD.

Example 2: You want and you are willing to pay $1,000 USD max. We arrange a deal for $900, so the difference between your maximum budget and the arranged price is $100 USD. Our commission is 30% of that difference which = $30, but since that is less than our minimum commission of $50 USD, the minimum commission would apply and your total cost would be $950 USD.
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